A lavishly-illustrated romp through Chicago Imagist art: the Second City scene that challenged Pop Art’s status quo in the 1960s, then faded from view. Forty years later, its funk and grit inspires artists from Jeff Koons to Chris Ware, making the Imagists the most famous artists you never knew...

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What people are saying about Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists:

“The year’s greatest art film…A joyous, graphic portrait of the artists and the period.”
- Gaper’s Block

“A brilliant treasure trove…The most comprehensive chronicle of Chicago's most vibrant, iconoclastic, and carnivalesque chapter in art history.” - Cine-file

"Illuminating...Helps fill a yawning gap in the conventional telling of American modern art’s story." - Hyperallergic

"Far from a dry litany of talking heads...A love letter." - Chicago Tribune

“Funky, folky, and still fresh.” - Art in America

“In short, you should watch the movie.” - Art F City

“Fulsomely intelligent…Charming and rambunctious…A delightful present day look at a past.” - Border Crossings

“Electric, lovely film-making…Must be seen by all Chicagoans and art lovers, as well as anyone who wants to feel superbly inspired…Engrossing and informative…[A] captivating tale.” - Chicagoist

"In Leslie Buchbinder the Chicago Imagists have found their video Vasari." - Robert Storr, Dean of the Yale University School of Art (from the DVD liner notes)

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