Pentimenti is thrilled to release It Was Here Before, And It's Here After: The Murals of Hyde Park, a short documentary made by our 2018 Advanced Documentary Video students from the Hyde Park Art Center. The film explores the history of murals in Hyde Park and features interviews with muralists Carol Yasko and Carolyn Elaine, arts journalist Jeff Huebner, and the people of Hyde Park. Filmmakers include: Brittany Croone, Susan Carlotta Ellis, André Darey, Vanessa Harris, Karen Hirsch, and Shabaka Verna. In celebration of its release, we’re also happy to share extended interview footage with Yasko, Elaine, and Huebner that provides additional background information on Yasko’s Under City Stone mural, Elaine’s The Song of 47th Street mural, and Huebner’s career as a mural scholar.